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Private Playtime 12/14/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 8767 | Rating: 2.5
Cute curly haired coed alone at home playing with her pink twat on the couch
Bus Stop Girl 12/16/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 9103 | Rating: 2.3
We found this chick at the bus stop and after offering her a ride home and $200 for an "interview" about porn, she later found herself in a hardcore porn movie instead
Big Cock Ride 12/16/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 16454 | Rating: 2.5
Blonde babe slowly lowers herself onto a nice big cock and slides as much as she can inside her tight box
Wet And Horny 12/17/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 40745 | Rating: 2.6
Her pussy is so wet that her juices completely coat his dick as she squats on top of him
Fashionista Sex 12/17/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 15976 | Rating: 2.2
Husband jerks himself off as he watches his prim and proper wife get fucked like a dirty whore
Up The Hershey Highway 12/18/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 9072 | Rating: 2.8
Busty amateur fucked up the ass while she rubs her big ol' titties
Pimping Out The Girlfriend 12/20/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 13845 | Rating: 2.6
Guy and his girl needs some cash fast, so we offered them $1000 if a couple guys could fuck her brains out.
Bad Boy 12/21/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 6836 | Rating: 3.2
After taking the pastor's daughter to a dinner and a movie, this wigger brings her back to his place for a midnight snack
English Lass 12/24/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 9628 | Rating: 2.2
Those blokes from England might not like us Americans, but we love fucking their ladies
Shut Up And Fuck 12/24/2006 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 9945 | Rating: 2.6
This is just like how we like our bitches. Less talking and more fucking

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