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After Gym Workout 12/09/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 29362 | Rating: 3.2
He finds this wild blonde mature slut at the gym and brings her back to his crib for a homemade protein shake
Make Sexy Time 12/11/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 35182 | Rating: 3.5
This hot and horny housewife screams for more from the handyman because her pencil dicked husband can't satisfy her right
Friend's Mom 12/12/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 40570 | Rating: 2.4
His buddy's mom comes home from the bar drunk off her ass and comes onto him so he gets her naked and stabs her with his cock
Hoe In One 12/17/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 17695 | Rating: 3.2
While her husband is busy playing golf at the country club, this caddy is fucking his hot blonde trophy wife
Grandma Blowjob 12/22/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 58833 | Rating: 2.2
The best thing about getting oral from granny is when she takes out her dentures and gums it
Cheating Housewife 12/26/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 34463 | Rating: 2.5
While her investment banker husband is bringing in the big bucks on Wall Street, this lonely housewife is busy fucking the local college frat boys
Foreign Mom 12/30/2006 
Category: Mature | Views: 47225 | Rating: 2.6
Busty MILF from across the pond was waiting for her husband to pick her up in their only car when she gets offered a "free ride". She finds out in America nothing is really free
Middle Aged Lady 01/02/2007 
Category: Mature | Views: 29564 | Rating: 2.6
This horny older woman has such a high sex drive that she wears out two young guys and still ready for more
Hot Summer Day 01/05/2007 
Category: Mature | Views: 10127 | Rating: 1.9
While cruising for babes, we found this hot milf waiting in the shade for her ride
Vacation Hookup 01/09/2007 
Category: Mature | Views: 14366 | Rating: 2.6
While rolling through California, we saw this blonde housewife shopping for groceries. Gave her a few compliments and she was soon on the knees with her top off sucking cock

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