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Just Too Adorable 08/13/2008 
Category: Teens | Views: 6868 | Rating: 3.7
Brunette teen cutie gets fucked hard and her face covered in cum
Sharing Is Fun 08/13/2008 
Category: Lesbians | Views: 8736 | Rating: 3.3
Two busty babes outside fucking each other with a double dong dildo
Teen Cum Guzzler 08/03/2008 
Category: Teens | Views: 6126 | Rating: 2.5
Blonde cutie gets fucked on the couch then opens wide and gets drowned in cum
Blind Date Audition 08/03/2008 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 2927 | Rating: 1.0
Producer makes sure to test out the goodies first to ensure the perfect candidate for an exciting show
What Happens in Vegas... 08/03/2008 
Category: Misc | Views: 3580 | Rating: 3.2
doesn't stay in Vegas when there are video cameras around
Tanned and Satisfied Too 08/03/2008 
Category: Hardcore | Views: 3242 | Rating: 1.0
Blonde out in the backyard fucking in the hot summer afternoon sun
Cocks All Around 08/03/2008 
Category: Blowjobs | Views: 7075 | Rating: 3.8
Three guys crowd around this teen slut to get their cocks suck. With only one mouth to go around, one guy decides he'd rather have some of that pussy instead and goes and fucks her hard while she pleases his two buds
Fingering Her Up 08/03/2008 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 2580 | Rating: 1.0
Hottie with a nice booty lays on the couch and gets her pussy and ass rubbed
Sleeping Japanese Girl 08/03/2008 
Category: Asian | Views: 7649 | Rating: 2.2
Horny asian student sneaks into his roommate's room to find her sleeping pantyless. A little teasing and it's 69 time!
Boob and Handjob 08/03/2008 
Category: Amateurs | Views: 4046 | Rating: 3.0
Pumping his cock in between her two soft boobies and she then takes over and jerks him off with her hand

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